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We’re committed to creating a unique platform for handicraft industry and artist around the world. We’re also eagerly rooting for the best and brightest minds in the online platform space, both in and outside of E-commerce sector, to develop technology-based platforms and offers services that bring customer value and benefit. is the brainchild of Mr.Danial MA, an entrepreneur from Malaysia with years of experience in business and fund management sector.He founded with an objective to empower the handmade & women entrepreneur through the Mycliks eco-system.

In VRDT, we believe the online platform ecosystem has the opportunity to transform the lives of billions of people, but we have only just scratched the surface of what’s possible, and it is just the beginning. We’ll be providing a turnkey E-commerce solution to our customer being the first E-commerce Marketplace provider with such services which may bring in a positive, meaningful way benefit our customers.

In the beginning, our goal is merely to improve and enhance our services and offerings to our registered sellers. In this stage, it is crucial to start a marketing strategy that will help us create brand awareness to enable more people to recognise us for us to achieve our vision out to the world . This means that we don’t have the strategic requirement of formalising partner relationships with any third party at the moment as some corporate do. Our focal point is on building a robust marketing strategy and develop our ecosystem.

With our multi-service offering and features, we have strong confidence that can expand its network in a span of time. Our People are encouraged to think entrepreneurially; hence you can expect that we’ll enthusiastically invest in ideas to maintain a high techno platform that empowers the businesses and entrepreneurs.

We will continuously invest money and effort to look competitive among online E-commerce marketplace providers ostensibly. There may be a nuance to the way we as a startup to build our brand and products. We have both short term and long term strategies and aim set forth to achieve our vision and objective as we believe that multiple approaches are healthy and sound to see ecosystem innovate.

The conclusion is, it is our interest to expand and become mature. We’ll learn a lot along the way, and we’re excited to get started with a conscious vision aimed.


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